Your upholstery fabrics get nearly as much use as your clothes. Would you wear your clothes without ever washing them? Probably not!

Even though upholstery doesn't suffer the trail damage which carpet does (we hope!) it does, nevertheless, take quite a hammering over time and needs deep cleaning to lengthen its useful life.


Most fabrics can be 'wet cleaned', but this doesn't mean they should take days to dry. We can have them clean, dry and back in use in a matter of hours. If you have water sensitive fabrics which can't be wet cleaned, we can use Low Moisture or Dry Cleaning options instead.

Not all companies share our level of knowledge or care. So why take the risk of having a poorly trained cleaner ruin your upholstery?

sofa cleaning

8 stage cleaning process

1 High-filtration vacuum

First we vacuum with a high filtration cleaning system specifically designed for super-high performance professional cleaning. Very few uphostery cleaning companies take the time to thoroughly vaccum before the cleaning starts.

2 Pre-spot difficult stains

We will pre-spot all difficult stains. That is we will carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains - or that we know will be difficult to remove using non-specialist techniques.

3 Prespray and agitiation

Next we will apply a pre-spray specially designed to electro-mechanically lift oily dirt and pollutants from the fibres. Here at The Carpet Doctor, we will gently massage the cleaning solution into the fibres.

4 Hot water extraction

The hot water extration unit we use cleans much better because it heats the cleaning solution and then pushs it into the fibres. This helps to break up the dirt, bacteria and pollens in the fibres. The machine then produces a huge vacuum volume to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your upholstery. The dirty water and polluted air is vented to our cleaning unit. This allows your indoor air quality to remain very high. Here at The Carpet Doctor we are determined to get you the best result possible.

5 Residue rinse

We use the uphosltery extraction machine to ensure a residue free rinse that ensures the integrity of your fibres and helps to minimise re-soiling on your uphosltery.

6 Grooming

Where appropriate we will groom your upholstery to leave it in best possible condition. This usually means we run a grooming brush over the fibres to ensure that they are tangle-free.

7 Protection

This is an excellent choice if you have a busy household or also if you want to ensure cleaner upholstery for longer. It makes regular upholstery cleaning easier and aids in effective removal of spills. Upholstery protector does wear off and would need to be re-apply every 12 to 18 months.

8 Rapid dry

Finally, we'll use special dryers to aid rapid drying of your uphosltery allowing them to come back into use as quickly as possible.

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The Perfect Care Option

This package is designed for those people who really value their upholstery and want to get the best out of their investment, and make them last as long as possible. You get everything in the Full Service (above)

In addition:
We apply a protector, to protect against permanent staining and help to keep carpets cleaner for longer. The protector we use is PROmite which has been awarded the seal of approval from the British Allergy foundation and is guaranteed to kill around 95% of house dust mites and prevent them from living on the treated item for approximately 12 - 18 months, as well as having the normal protector benefits (ask for our demonstration or a free booklet on PROmite).

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